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Balsamic Vinegars

While a great bottle of olive oil outfitted with a pour spout will handle many cooking adventures well, an oil sprayer is even better, as it sprays a layer of oil over your food rather than pouring a large quantity. With this, you won't waste any oil, and as an added bonus, a sprayer looks nice on the countertop since it keeps your supply in a manageably sized and attractive container.  You can even mix oil and vinegar in this bottle!

The sprayer deposits the same fine droplets so that your food gets the most even and consistent coating of oil possible. The pump-style cap releases the spray. It’s highly versatile, too. You can use the sprayer for all of your favorite oils, as well as vinegars, citrus juice, sherry, or Marsala Wine.


Easy to hold

Bottle has measurements

The stainless look of this bottle does more than add to the aesthetic—it helps darken the bottle to keep sunlight out, thus prolonging the shelf life of the oil inside.

When using oil in an air fryer, you have to be particular when it comes to what type and how much oil to use. Generally, you don’t need a lot of oil, but you do have to be sure to evenly disperse it—that’s where a good oil sprayer comes in handy, and this stainless steel look is the one many people turn to. If you keep it well cleaned, it will deliver the fine coating of oil you need for excellent air frying with olive oil.

Size: 1.5 x 7 inches | Oil Volume: 3 ounces | Spray Type: Pump spray nozzle

Box included

Olive Oil Sprayer


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