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Balsamic Vinegars

The healthiest olive oil we’ve ever seen. Our YGEIA EVOO (pronounced ee-hee-ya) named after the Greek Goddess of Health was specifically harvested for health.


Boasting an amazing 1799 mg/kg total polyphenols, this is the EVOO that you use as a supplement at 1tbsp per day. Sure you can use it other ways but this is what most will do with this.


Harvested from the Greek Kalamon and Koroneiki olives with the guidance of a professor of Pharmacognosy from the National University of Athens, Greece.


Available in 500ml sized bottles with built-in pourer and safety seal. Limited quantities.


Crush Date: Oct. 2023

1799 mg/kg Total Polyphenols

FFA 0.15 / PV 2.6 / Oleocanthal 946




Polyphenols act as antioxidants in the body, so they help to protect cells from damage and reduce inflammation. 



Research suggests that polyphenols fight cancerous cells and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and promote a healthy gut. It also suggests that better skin is a result of diets that contain regular consumption of polyphenols as well as several other health benefits. 

YGEIA Super High Phenolic EVOO For Health


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